There are many ways to enjoy Japanese culture through 

traditional performing arts,

crafts, and cuisine.


By making these experiences accessible and approachable to people from overseas and the younger Japanese generation, we aim to sustain, share, 

and pass on Japanese traditions. 


How often do we notice the influence of

“culture” in our daily lives? 


Just as Kimono fabric is woven neatly and with sophistication,

people have used their skills, wisdom, and imagination to create

the unique cultures of this island nation from ancient times.

Accepting diversity and using creativity to adapt to the changing times,

the Japanese have refined many forms of cultures to create their original.

Everyday life, climate, food, and aesthetics…

We hope to invite everyone to take a fresh look at the riches and wisdom nature brings through the four seasons, and its influence

that runs quietly yet powerfully in our blood and beats in our hearts.


BLUE CAMP JAPAN focuses on the artists and craftsmen

that bring vivid enthusiasm to the modern age.

Our mission is to become the gateway

for the international visitors and younger generation

to unravel the genuine forms of our traditional culture 






“Enjoying small obstacles”


People live with many thoughts


We haven’t forgotten the traditional values of Japanese culture, 

however, the tides of the modern day are too rapid they are easily tucked away in the back.

Let’s take some time to pause.

We want “Kokura” to be a place that speaks to the innermost part of your soul

Cherishing the small things in life that lead to the present


We at BLUE CAMP JAPAN will continue to nurture our passion to share Japanese culture beyond borders and boundaries from the quiet alley of Mejiro.

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