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ふと顔を上げると、窓の外、 葉をいっぱいにつけた木々がきらきらと見えました。 図書館の昼下がりです。

ひとつとして同じ色のない葉たち。 色の名前はほんとうに容れ物でしかなくて、 中身はこんなにも豊かなのだなぁと、しみじみ眺めてしまいました。 さっぱりとお抹茶をいただきたい気分になったところですが、 まだもうひと頑張り。 未熟な私には、学ぶことが山積みです。

Yuri 5 FACTS ABOUT JAPAN This is a new column I am going to post some useful information about Japanese culture every week. For April and May I am doing 5 FACTS ABOUT JAPAN. If you want to know some tips about this culture, please check it out! 1.GREEN COLOR IS SOMETIMES REFERRED TO AS BLUE. There are several languages that does not clearly distinguish "blue" and "green", and Japanese is one of them. We call the green light "青信号(blue light)", and green apples "青リンゴ(blue(!) apple)". "青二才(two-year-old blue, if translated literally)" is an idiom which means that the person is not mature, since green color is associated with concepts of immaturity or prematurity. I hope you enjoyed, more facts will be posted next week!  

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