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大事にしていたけれど、もう要らないモノ。 お下がりでも誰かが使ってくれることが決まると、やはり嬉しくなります。 一方私はというと、新品の香りに包まれるのもまた幸せ、と足取り軽く週末にのぞむのでした。    

[COLUMN] 5 FACTS ABOUT JAPAN 3.CHOPSTICKS TABOOS Chopsticks are not easy tools for those who do not use them often. However, it is also true that there are taboos you want to avoid when trying to use them. Here is one: you must not stick chopsticks upright in rice. We do that when we offer rice to the dead person. If you are interested, you can go read some web pages that lists the other taboos up. Following the manner, even a meal can be a beautiful act. 

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